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Information for Parents and FAQ's

How do I register?

Registration must be done through the Parent Portal.  Classes will not be held without full payment.  Space is limited and classes fill quickly!  We strongly recommend that you register early in order to secure a spot in your desired class day and time.  Once classes are full, wait lists are started for those classes and continue through the end of the current schedule.  If you are on a wait list, you will be emailed when openings are available.  You may register at any time during the year for the current schedule (provided there is a class opening), as our program is based on a continuous learning system with no starting or ending point.

Once I register how long am I registered for?

CPAG runs 2 different class schedules.  We have the School Year schedule that runs September - May and the Summer Schedule that runs June - August.  Sign ups are required for both schedules.  When you sign up you are signed up until the end of that schedule.

What forms of payment are accepted?

CPAG accepts Cash and Credit Card payments.  Our tuition is paid monthly via auto payment set up in your parent portal account.  If you prefer to pay cash we have a mailbox in the lobby by the office wall.  Cash payments need to be in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class on it.  Cash tuition payments need to be made by the 15th of the prior month of enrollment.

What is the yearly membership fee?

Every student registered at CPAG must pay a yearly membership fee of $35.  The registration fee is non refundable.


Does CPAG offer any discounts?

A family discount of 10% is given for 2 or more gymnastics classes per week for the same or different child.  There is no discount given for team fees/tuition.

What is the policy if I need to drop a class before the end of the current class schedule?

If you will not be returning for the next month of classes you must let us know in writing through email at or request a drop through the parent portal by the 15th of the month to not have your credit card charged.

When registering a child for a class, you are paying for a reservation and not your child’s attendance.  There will be no refunds for missed classes.  Regardless of the number of weeks in the calendar month (some may have 3, 4 or 5) monthly fees will stay the same.

Why do I see two charges in the same month?

When you register after the 1st of the month, once registration is approved your tuition for that month is charged to the Credit Card on file. Your next month's tuition will be due on the 20th regardless of when your first month's tuition payment was made.


What is CPAG’s refund policy?

There are NO REFUNDS given for any of our Classes, Camps, or Additional Activities & Events.  In the event that injury or family emergency does occur, we will make very effort to work with you.

When registering a child for a class, you are paying for a reservation and not your child’s attendance.  There will be no refunds for missed classes.  Regardless of the number of weeks in the calendar month (some may have 3, 4 or 5) monthly fees will stay the same.

What should my child wear to class?

Girls must wear a one-piece leotard or unitard, but please no skirts as it makes spotting difficult for our instructors.  Tight fitting shorts or footless leggings are also allowed.  Appropriate undergarments must be worn under the leotard.  Girls must have their hair pulled back away from their face and secured.  If earrings are worn, they should be post only.  No other jewelry is allowed.


Boys should wear athletic pants (long or short) with undergarments and t-shirt tucked into pants.  Clothing should not be oversized.

All gymnasts must wear trampoline/grippy socks. We require socks to be worn at all times in the gym for sanitary purposes. With the number of children coming through the facility every week, this rule is strictly enforced to help limit the spread of athlete’s foot, planter’s warts, etc. If you forget socks, we sell grippy socks at the desk for $5/pair.


Do you offer Make-up classes?

Make-up classes are for our Sweet Pea and School Age Class students.  Each student that is registered for class will receive 1 make-up token per quarter (Oct. Jan. Apr. June).  All students will receive a make-up token for any weather related/unplanned closure.  You can sign up for make-up classes in the parent portal (make-up class instructions).


What do I do when I arrive for class?

Sweet Peas - After entering the lobby, follow the peas on the floor to the Sweet Peas gym.  Students will arrive at the Sweet Pea gym and get a bin to put their shoes and extra clothing in. Then they will wash their hands at the sanitizing station. The bins will go in a cubby under their class name.  Parents please ensure that your student has used the bathroom before class begins.  Only 1 parent/guardian should accompany gymnast and should stay for the entire class.


School Age Classes -  

ARRIVAL: Enter through the main lobby door, wash hands at the table, then proceed to the Student Waiting Area in the Blue Room on the left side of the lobby.

STUDENT WAITING AREA: Students will take a basket for their belongings, get ready for class and wait on the carpet designated for their class. STUDENT WAITNG ROOM IS RESTRICTED TO STUDENTS AND STAFF ONLY.


How do I observe my child's class?

ONE parent/adult is permitted in lobby to view your athlete's class. Our lobby space is limited, and we need to keep an open walkway for our Sweet Pea students that enter and exit through our main lobby.

Please note: The plastic hanging in the lobby is not durable or replaceable. It creates a nice barrier from the cold air that blows in from the front doors during the winter. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR LEAN AGAINST THE PLASTIC.

How do I pick up my child?

Teachers will dismiss their students to a parent and/or designated adult from the side Exit door. Traffic is busy in front of our facility, so we do not allow the students to walk across the street without a parent/designated adult.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of being ON TIME FOR CLASS AND PICKING UP ON TIME. Students not p picked up on time will be brought into the gym to wait for their ride. In this case, a parent will need to come into the facility to pick up their child. 

What happens during inclement weather?

If the gym is changing the schedule due to inclement weather, we will notify you of any changes on our phone message system, email, website, and Facebook page.  Our phone number is 717-766-1030 and our website is  If the gym closes due to inclement weather a make-up token will be added to your account for the missed class.

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