Thank you for your patience during our COVID-19 gym closure. We are excited to return our students to the gym, and look forward to their smiles as they begin flipping again. During this last phase of reopening, we will be following both CDC and PA State Department of Health safety guidelines. Our class student/teacher ratios will be small, and more classes will be offered, with staggered start times. There will be extra time between classes to allow one class to clear out before the next group arrives.


This return plan is very reliant on all our families respecting the new policies. We all want to go back to some normalcy, but for now, please know we are trying to provide the best practices possible, and want to do our part to keep our students, families and staff as safe as possible. Please keep in mind the following:

1. No more than 1 person can accompany each student into the building; enter through the lobby doors.
2. All adults must wear a solid mask, over the nose and mouth, during their time in the building.
3. Everyone entering the building must use hand sanitizer as soon as you come in the lobby.
4. Please stay home if you and/or your child have a fever over 99.5 and/or any symptoms of COVID-19.
5. All staff will be wearing masks or face shields.
6. The lobby has been cleared of tables and chairs, no outside chairs (furniture) allowed.
7. To keep our occupancy low and comply with distancing guidelines, we have limited viewing spots available in the lobby.
8. Make-up classes will not be allowed in the last phase of reopening to keep class (social) groups consistent.
9. Any handouts will be electronically delivered.
10. We ask that there be no loitering in the lobby after class.
11. We will have limited front desk staff, so if possible, email the gym with questions.


This is the new normal for all of us, so patience with our staff is greatly appreciated. They are amazing and doing everything they can to make this work for the safety of the students. We all want to get back to doing what the kids love!


1. Enter through the lobby door, no more than 5 min. before your class start time. Please avoid being late.
2. Come dressed for class, and don’t forget your TRAMPOLINE/YOGA STICKY SOCKS!
3. Sanitize your hands, and put your shoes, WATER ONLY bottle and belongings in a bin.
4. Follow your teacher, bring your bin into the gym and find your space for warm-ups.
5. All classes will be dismissed from the blue room. Students will gather their belongings from their bin, put the bin in the dirty pile and sanitize their hands.
6. Parents may pick up their gymnast from the outside door of the blue room.
Parents are not allowed in the blue room. Teachers will not dismiss students unless their ride/parent is outside for pickup. Please be on time!