(Ages 2-Kindergarten)

  • Gross motor coordination, flexibility, strength and agility are developed through the use of
    balance beams, trampolines, bars, rings, trapezoid vault, tumbling mats and spring boards-
    all sized down for preschool children.

  • Classes are grouped by age (as of September 30 for school year) to ensure appropriate skill
    development and safety.
  • Together Time     Age 2 (with parent)
  • Tumble Bunnies  Age 3
  • Tumble Bugs        Age 4
  • Tumble Bees        Age 5 (attending Kindergarten in current school year)              

  • Cooperative group activities are included in our curriculum- providing students with an
    awareness of others.

  • Hand-eye coordination is developed by attempting bean bag tosses, balloon activities,
    hoops to spin and catch, mini basketball hoops for shooting, ribbon twirling...the list goes
    on and on.

  • Incorporated into our gymnastics environment is the learning of shapes, colors, numbers
    and accurate terminology.

  • A part of our program is the use of music. By using music in our lessons, students improve
    their rhythm and listening skills.

  • One of our most challenging objectives is to help your child learn how to behave in a
    controlled atmosphere- for example, following directions, waiting their turn and paying
    attention. We hope this is important to each of you.

  • We have created structured, progressive and unique lesson plans for your child's
    enjoyment and growth.

  • Safety consciousness is a top priority of every staff member.
Central Pennsylvania Academy of Gymnastics
"Where flipping is fun!"
Mini-Gym Philosophy

Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and
rewarding of all physical activities for children.
Our priority is to build your child's confidence
and self-esteem through a fitness-based

By keeping a low student-to-instructor ratio,
we ensure our purpose of effective instruction;
which provides a fun-filled and safe learning
experience on all gymnastics apparatus for
each child.
We are your preschool gymnastics professionals!

We have genuine satisfaction in watching children learn and
develop a belief in themselves as they overcome new challenges.
Due to the popularity of our class programs,
pre-payment is required to guarantee a class spot
Cash & Checks Accepted
(Sorry no debit or Credit Cards)

Reg/Waiver 1 is due at registration
Physician's release is due by child's
FIRST class